The Company

Located in Brusque, SC, Arrazantty has been in the sportswear apparel market since 1994 and became one of the main suppliers of major retailers nationwide. Spanning over 30.000m2 of territorial area which 4.000 counts as industrial park, Arrazantty meets excellence standards in social management (ABVTEX Certification) and premium quality across its supply chain.

To ensure excellence in service and products, we have chosen to work with certified raw materials and, therefore, produce our own fabric. In regards of the Supply chain, our partners in spinning, dyeing, weaving and packaging are well respected in the market and focused in guarantee on time in full delivery.

We have our own R&D department that follows market trends and inside the company keeps an eye on the process from start to finish.


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Arrazantty Fitness

+55 47 3351.6070
355, José Beuting Street
ZIP CODE 88353-492 / Brusque - SC - Brazil