Private Label

Arrazantty Fitness is a company with extensive know-how in the private label sportswear apparel segment. We were born, develop and establish ourselves by creating and improving methods to better serve our customers (fashion apparel retailers). Today, we have also developed our own brand with all the expertise gained in over 2 decades.

We have a R&D team specialized in sportswear segment, with extensive experience in the market.

Therefore, we have developed a high standard for the production of our fabrics. This allows us to serve both the private label market and our own brand with quality and competitive costs.

Private Label

Low cost

We manufacture sportswear apparel aligned with market needs of competitive prices and conditions.


We have high standards control throughout the supply chain, always guaranteeing the delivery of products in conditions approved by the client.


We assure the supply chain is able to deliver on time in full the expected product in the quantity ordered at the place agreed and at the time expected by the customer.




Check out the list of Arrazantty Fitness clientele, consisting of major retailers in Brazil:

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Arrazantty Fitness

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